Alumni Spotlight - Cohort 8, Alan Nemirovski

My name is Alan Nemirovski and I was in Cohort 8. I am in grade 12 at Vaughan Secondary School. I’ve already applied to some schools in the UK, and I’m planning to apply to some more in Ontario and Canada. I’m applying to different programs in journalism, political sciences, and a combined program in politics, philosophy, and economics (PPE). The schools to which I applied for PPE are my top choices (they also all happen to be in the UK), so if I get into any one of them, I’m going to be jumping for joy! 

In the long run, the dream is to become a journalist or a reporter at a news organization (the cliché is always The New York Times, but I mean, it would be unreal to write for them!). Regardless of which program I end up pursuing, I hope they will ultimately lead me to the same place.

The second leadership Shabbaton was probably my favourite memory from my Diller year. We got really close as a cohort over that weekend and it was the last significant in-person event we had before lockdown, making it a special memory for me from my year in Diller. Diller really taught me the importance of keeping an open mind and “coming in barefoot” when approaching ideas and conversations with people who might not see things the same way I do. This is something that has helped me learn and grow as a Fellow, and something I still keep in mind and carry with me as a JC this year.

I would love to chat with anyone who is interested. If you ever want to reach out, feel free to email me ( or message me on Instagram (@alan.nemirovski)!