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Cyber Security Update for Jewish Institutions in the GTA

As Jewish institutions continue to adapt to the coronavirus pandemic, many community activities are now being conducted online. Unfortunately, the increased use of conferencing platforms like “Zoom” has resulted in a new opportunity to spread antisemitic hate through “Zoom-bombing.”

Zoom-bombing is when a malicious individual identifies and intentionally enters an online meeting to which they have not been invited, for the sole purpose of causing disruption. From Yeshiva University in New York, to a Holocaust remembrance event in Germany, we are witnessing a disturbing trend of individuals hijacking Jewish activities, posting graphic materials, and spewing antisemitic vitriol at participants.

Our community is not immune. UJA Community Security is aware of Zoom-bombing incidents in Toronto and are providing support to the affected institutions.

We encourage all Jewish institutions using Zoom to adopt practical steps to help protect your calls from Zoom-bombing. This includes:

The COVID-19 Pandemic has Impacted All of Us

Imagine how frightening it is for our community's most vulnerable

Those who face the greatest dangers are not alone — thanks to our incredible community. While so much of the world has shut down, UJA Federation and our community never stop working. And although we may be socially distant, we are here to do whatever it takes to help the most vulnerable among us get through this crisis safely.

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