24 2024

Temple Har Zion's Mini Shpiel!

11:15AM - 11:45AM  

We can't wait to celebrate Purim with you! Costumes highly encouraged!

Carnival Schedule:

10:00am: Carnival opens for families with children under 10 years old *pizza lunch not served at this time

11:15am: Shortened version of 5784 Purim Shpiel: Schmegillahdoon!

11:45am: Carnival open for families with children & teens of all ages *pizza lunch served at this time

1:00pm: Carnival ends

For those attending the Purim Shpiel, please feel free to bring an unopened box of KD (or any brand of Macaroni & Cheese) to use as a grager and then to donate to the York Region Food Bank after the Shpiel.