3 2022

Miles Nadal JCC's Our Jewish and Model Seder

4:00PM - 6:00PM  

What do you bring to the seder table?

Passover seders (ritual meals) are at their best engaging, festive, and delicious celebrations of freedom where everyone who is hungry is invited to come and eat. They can also be inclusive, relevant and reflective of those around the table! Let us show you how.

Join Rabbi Susan Shamash for Our Jewish& Model Seder - a dress rehearsal for the big night, that will help prepare you, your partner and your family to make your seder your own! 

Together we will explore the many Passover traditions celebrated by families, with a focus on those with intersecting identities, including interfaith / multicultural / mixed heritage / queer / etc. Bring all your questions and ideas!

This program is presented in partnership with JQT Vancouver, Waldman Library, the Peretz Center for Jewish Culture and Jewish& at the Miles Nadal JCC.