5 2021

Submission Deadline: Shmita Project Canada


The Miles Nadal JCC is partnering with Shoresh and Hazon to promote more Shmita connection in Canada via Hazon’s Shmita Prizes. Canadians are encouraged to make art inspired by Shmita and make submissions to the Shmita Prizes. 

Their submissions will be eligible to participate in the MNjcc’s Virtual Exhibit in Spring 2022. Submissions are due December 6th, 2021. 

The Shmita Prizes award artists and creatives – from all levels of experience and age groups – for works of art that bring into focus the relevancy and application of shmita values in our contemporary world. These art works will offer creative avenues with which to prepare for, mark and engage with the shmita year.

We are taking a unique and public art approach to the Shmita Prizes. Your submissions will make up an archive on our webpage gallery where the public can learn more about you and what you have created.