Teen Influencer: Dov Forman

“When you listen to a witness you become a witness”

18-year-old, Dov Forman has gained over 1.9 million followers on TikTok by educating users on the Holocaust with the help from his great grandmother, 98-year-old Auschwitz survivor, Lily Ebert.

Dov has turned to social media to take an active stand against antisemitism, reduce the stigma surrounding Holocaust education and encourage TikTok users to ask questions and gain further education on the Holocaust.  

Dov and his grandmother have become social media influencers with the goal of sharing an everlasting account of Holocaust events to ensure that these stories can be carried on for generations to come. The two have recognized a need to combat contemporary antisemitism, which is still prevalent today.

 "We have to realize -- the young people like me -- that it's our responsibility to stamp out hatred and to be vigilant and careful and realize that our words can cause serious damage,” Dov says. “Wherever we see racism or hatred in society, it's our responsibility to call it out."

By educating others through social media, Dov Forman is ensuring that his grandmother’s story will not be forgotten by the younger generation and those still to come.

Dov and his grandmother not only share a story of remembrance but of hope,  showing young people that even after the terrible events of the Holocaust, Jewish culture can prevail. Lily’s story can also be read in their new book, co-authored by Lily and Dov, Lily’s Promise, a story about hope and the resilience.


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