8 2016

YOLK: An Intimate Conversation

7:00PM - 9:00PM  

Mount Sinai Hospital 600 University Ave
Toronto, ON m5g1x5

Contact Bonnie Oppenheimer
416 482 9025 ext3

$ Cost $ 10.00


Quick, chick -- what's your plan?

You know, "the plan"? The one simmering on the back-burner, cooking on low until all your ducks are in a row?

The pressure is on ̶ from our parents, our bodies, and ourselves ̶ to get settled in our lives and morph into mother hen. Even our biblical matriarchs set the bar unbelievably high by having children not just for their own sake, but for the sake of building a nation.

How, then, are we women supposed to pursue modern opportunities available to us while maintaining the traditional family values our religion stands for? A religion which also stresses our obligation to "be fruitful and multiply," even though it isn't entirely in our hands?

Not your typical women's health seminar, Yolk is your chance to ask questions that matter to you, in a safe environment which considers both the spiritual and scientific sides of gynaecology, fertility and women's health, from leading Canadian specialists of their fields.

Crack open some tough subjects, such as what is deemed "normal," or if and how having children later in life can put you at risk. Learn eye-opening stats about pregnancy, explore the technological realm of health apps, and brush up on the body basics you never knew! Interpret Judaism's perspective through the best alternative methods science has to offer, and understand how to use the reality we're dealt to its fullest, while maintaining a balance of faith.

Future planning's not over-easy. So let's make it something we can feel more confident about.


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