3 2016

The House: The Relationship Series

7:30PM - 9:00PM  

To Be Announced
Toronto, ON

Contact Bonnie Oppenheimer
416 482 9025 ext 3

$ Cost $ 80.00

We compare relationships to familiar songs and fairy tales. We create mental playlists of the parts that we “heart,” and try to skip or fast-forward through the moments that don’t sync with our ideals. Sometimes, we work so hard to capture the beauty of love that we miss out on what we’re actually a part of.

This much-loved, 3-part primer for couples in a serious relationship, recently engaged or married, and who are ready for life’s “next stage” demonstrates how to maximize the success, benefit and joy of a relationship in the face of the every-day, so that love and commitment can strengthen and grow over time.

An open-class discussion with five or six couples, The Relationship Series explores powerful paradigms for approaching the fundamentals of relationships, such as: the “healthy fight,” and considering when/where they are appropriate; identifying the role you play, including whether you’re a “giver” or a “taker”; and approaching marriage as the means to an end goal, rather than the goal itself. It is also a great way to meet others, and make lasting bonds with those in a similar stage of life.

Call us sentimental, but we’re old believers that a strong mix can withstand the test of time. The Relationship Series will put you on the track to success so that, together, you can top some of the greatest hits.

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