20 2014

Men's Pre Pesach Study Sessions Begin

12:00AM - 11:55PM  

Village Shul And Aish Hatorah Learning Centre 1072 Eglinton Avenue West
Toronto, ON

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Insights on the Hagaddah: Men's Pre-Pesach Haggadah Study. Anew, focused, text-based learning program for men. In this 3-part series, Reb Murray Rosenthal provides you with the tools to better understand and teach at the Seder table. Session 1, Thursday, March 20, Ha Lachma Anya (Bread of Affliction) - What are the fundamental messages behind the consumption of matzah? - What is behind the invitation to others to partake in the seder? - Why is this verse in Aramaic, while the rest of the Haggadah is in Hebrew? Session 2, Sunday, March 23. Ma Nishtana (Why is this night different from other nights?) - Why is it necessary to enumerate the differences between Pesach and other nights? - Are the differences not evident? Session 3, Thursday, March 27. Arba Banim (Four sons) - What does it mean to be wicked, wise, simple or unable to ask? - Is there a virtue in simplicity over wisdom?

Fees: $ 36.00 - For series, includes refreshments

Sponsor: Village Shul And Aish Hatorah Learning Centre

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