19 2023

Laugh at the J: Jewish Princesses

It’s a night of Jewish princess power, featuring an all-star cast of women whose laughter, wisdom and style prove that every Jewish girl is a queen.

Hosted by: Natalie Norman

Natalie Norman is from Toronto, Canada and her witty jokes and outrageous storytelling is a force of nature. Natalie’s comedy is often political, always hilarious and very Jewish. She is a Spice Girls enthusiast, who loves talking about her period. Natalie has been featured in Post City Magazine “ Meet a Comedian” segment. Natalie is also the co-host of the Crimson Wave, which is a podcast all about menstruation and vulvas.

Featuring: Orli Matlow, and Laura Leibow

Headliner: Jackie Mason's Daughter "Sheba Mason"

Sheba Mason - Born into a theatrical family – Jackie Mason (comedian) and Ginger Reiter (playwright) – Sheba has been performing since the age of two as a stage prop in her mother’s play where she sat in her highchair and drank from her bottle. Eventually, the bottle turned into a microphone, and Sheba has not left the stage since. She has appeared in Comedy Clubs and for Special Events throughout the country. Sheba performs nightly in comedy clubs in Manhattan spouting her unique witticisms, on everything from politics to Grandmas to being single in New York.

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