11 2015

Jewish Music Week in Toronto: The Big Four of Second Avenue

2:00PM - 3:00PM  

Terraces of Baycrest - Assembly Room 55 Ameer Avenue

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Yiddish Theatre Songs by Ellstein, Secunda, Rumshinsky and Olshanetsky Deborah Staiman

In this uplifting hour of music, Deborah Staiman treats us to the popular hits as well as the lesser known gems of the major composers of the American Yiddish Theater. Known as “The Big Four” of Second Avenue, Abraham Ellstein, Shalom Secunda, Joseph Rumshinsky, and Alexander Olshanetsky brought us such timeless hits as Abi Gezunt, Oy Mame bin ikh Farlibt, Sheyn vi di Lvone, A Bis’l Libe, Bay mir bistu Sheyn, and countless more! Come enjoy these classic treasures of yesteryear.  With pianist Mark Camilleri.

Free Admission

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