31 2024

Israeli Film Series: Matchmaking (Bachurim Tovim)

8:00PM - 9:00PM  

Leah Posluns Theatre 4588 Bathurst Street
Toronto, ON


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Israel’s Biggest Box Office Hit of 2023!

“A Haredi take on Romeo and Juliet with plenty of laughs.” (Jewish International Film Festival, Australia)

“Inspired by classic Bourekas comedies, Erez Tadmor’s (A Matter of Size) new film is a sharp, hilarious critique of the business of love and marriage in the Haredi community.” (UK Jewish Film Festival)

This film takes us through a Romeo and Juliet-like saga of two young, eligible ultra-Orthodox singles looking for a match. Moti spots Nechama, his sister’s friend, and is instantly smitten, but isn’t allowed to date the charming, good-looking young woman because she doesn’t come from an Ashkenazi family like his own, but rather comes from a Mizrahi family.This apparently outrageous racism is shared by the loving, concerned parents of both Moti and Nechama, who seem to want the best for their children even if they find it hard to get over their prejudice.

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