5 2015

Israel and the World: Contemporary Issues led by Prof. Sally Zerker

6:30PM - 8:30PM  

788 Marlee Avenue – 3rd Floor Haifa Room
Toronto, ON

Contact The Canadian Institute for Jewish Research
Doris 416-630-0164 / 1-855-303-5544

Israel and the World

Israel came into the world with two harsh realities: the obvious one, the Arab-Israeli conflict; and secondly, behind the scenes, that of the power of oil. Both elements, taken together, were integral to Israel’s emergent difficult place in the international community. Starting from this point, Prof. Zerker will look at developments in Israel’s position in the world to the current situation. This includes the Arab concession  that neither military nor the oil weapon have worked to effect the destruction of Israel, which has led to the use of false human rights attacks, such as BDS and apartheid. What effect are these tactics having on Israel’s position internationally and who are their instruments? And where does Iran and its growing terrorist empire fit into this picture?


 Professor Sally F. Zerker was born in Toronto and is still living there. Her education also was consistently throughout in Toronto, receiving her Ph.D. in economics from the University of Toronto. She taught at the University of Toronto as a lecturer, but joined York University as professor in 1968. Her two areas of special interest were the Canadian economy and the international oil industry. She published two books and many scholarly articles in these areas, as well as articles for newspapers. She was Director of Canadian Studies for a decade in the 1980’s and she spent the spring semester in 1992 at Hebrew University, under the auspices of its Canadian Studies Program there. Sally Zerker was also a Member of the Ontario Energy Board through the years 1997-2003, where she presided on a panel which worked on the transformation of Hydro One to open market operation, as well as many other functions in relation to the work of the OEB.



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