25 2015

Annual Summer Yiddish Concert

7:30PM - 10:00PM  

Temple Sinai Congregation of Toronto 210 Wilson Ave
Toronto, ON

Contact Ashkenaz Foundation

$ Cost $ 18.00

Annual Summer Yiddish Concert
“The Magid of Amsterdam”
Shura Lipovsky (NL), with Joyce Rosenzweig (US)

Plus…a tribute to Theodore Bikel z”l (1924-2015

$18 in advance, $20 at the door
Purchase advance tickets online or call 416-979-9987

For this year’s Annual Summer Yiddish Concert, we are pleased to welcome back to Toronto Amsterdam’s Shura Lipovsky, one of the world’s most respected performers of Yiddish song. In her latest show, Lipovsky presents an evening of storytelling and music from Hassidic and Yiddish folklore, including traditional and original Yiddish songs. Accompanied by acclaimed pianist Joyce Rosenzweig, Lipovsky embodies the role of the Magid, a moral preacher who first appeared in Hassidism in 18th century Eastern Europe, telling stories to help unravel the design and meaning of life. Lipovsky transforms this tradition into musical dramaturgy, to ponder life’s spiritual and philosophical dilemmas. The performance is punctuated by intermezzi in which Lipovsky transforms into a lets, a Yiddish clown, who also questions and wonders at the mysteries of life. The concert will also include a tribute to Theodore Bikel z”l, featuring Lipovsky and special guests.

Amsterdam’s Shura Lipovsky is one of the world’s most respected performers and pioneers within the realm of Yiddish song. Writer and composer of new Yiddish songs, she has performed as singer and storyteller with different ensembles and projects around the world for over 25 years. She is the director of the ‘Golden Peacock’ Summer Song School for Jewish Music Institute (JMI) in London and she leads a monthly choir in MCY in Paris. She has been featured in a number of Dutch, Belgian, American and Canadian documentaries, including “Jiddisj is Mijn Instrument”, “Terpe Kind Mains, Terpe”, “Yiddish Soul”, “Journey 4 Artists” and “The Wandering Muse”. Her passion for (Yiddish) theater inspired her to put her career on hold in 2005/06 to study at l’Ecole Internationale de Théâtre de Jacques Lecoq in Paris. Shura Lipovsky strives for the validation of the Yiddish language as a poetic instrument for inter- and intra-cultural dialogue and peace and she is Ambassador for Musicians without Borders (MwB), located in the Netherlands.


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