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UJA Women's Philanthropy believes the women of Toronto's Jewish community are vital to creating the positive change we need moving forward. Getting involved allows you to showcase your commitment to community, your desire to strengthen our community, and fuel your passion for philanthropy.

These are many ways to help our community by getting involved with Women's Philanthropy. From attending events to volunteering to donating, the Jewish community could always use more dedicated women leading the way.

Lion of Judah

Lion of Judah (LOJ) is an international group of philanthropic Jewish women who care deeply about the Jewish future. A diverse and dynamic group of women, Lions of Judah in the GTA comprise more than 900 of the 18,000 Lions of Judah worldwide—all of whom care deeply about the Jewish future. In Toronto, Lions of Judah alone raised over $13.2 million in charitable giving in 2021.

Lions of Judah are leaders who inspire others to give back, strengthen the Jewish people, and make the world a better place for all.

Lion of Judah Step-Up

The Lion of Judah (LOJ) Step-Up Program is a five-year journey, as you make your way to becoming a Lion of Judah. In year one you will begin with a gift of $1,800 and increase incrementally at your own pace, ending in year five with your generous gift of $5,000. As part of the Step-Up Program, you will be invited to all LOJ events and will be recognized as a Lion at our annual marquee event. By participating in the Step-Up Program, you are making a difference in our community today and tomorrow.

Lion of Judah Endowment

The Lion of Judah Endowment (LOJE) program is designed for Lions of Judah to endow their Annual Campaign donation to UJA, guaranteeing the impact of their gift for future generations. With a minimum commitment of $125,000 through a fund, bequest in your will, life insurance policy, or cash, a LOJE guarantees at least $5,000 will be gifted to UJA’s Annual Campaign in perpetuity. Becoming a LOJE is a powerful way to set up a legacy of philanthropic leadership, prolonging a rich tradition of tzedakah.

To learn more about how you can become a LOJE and endow your Lion of Judah gift, contact the Jewish Foundation at jewishfoundation@ujafed.org or Sari Disenhouse at sdisenhouse@ujafed.org.

Women’s Philanthropy Lay Leadership

Beth Singer


Women's Philanthropy Chair

Beth Singer is thrilled to be the 2023 Chair of Women’s Philanthropy. Beth has been involved with UJA in many roles, including Vice-Chair of Womens Philanthropy, Co-Chair of Major Gifts and Co-Chairing the Walk for Israel. Beth previously served on the board of The House and was Co-Chair of The House. Beth also held many different leadership roles with Associated Hebrew Schools sitting on the board of Associated Hebrew School and PTC Chair. Beth also was involved in many different roles for the Association for the Soldiers of Israel. When not volunteering, Beth loves spending time with her grandchildren, children, and adventure travelling with her husband Miguel, as well as cycling and running.

Gayle Goldgut


Women's Philanthropy Vice-Chair

Gayle Goldgut is honoured to be the 2023 Vice-Chair of Women’s Philanthropy. Gayle’s involvement with UJA started many years ago as a fundraising co-chair for B&P, when UJA began approaching women to give their own gift. Gayle has co-chaired Atarah, and this year is a co-chair of the Israel 75 mission. Gayle has been an active member of Tzedakah Chapter of CHW, has served as President three times, and has chaired the various committees and major fundraisers over her 35 years with the organization. She has co-chaired the Tracey Rubinoff Skate-a-thon to raise money for Juvenile Diabetes Research for three years. Gayle also fundraises for The Ledbury Jewish Centre. As the child of a survivor who was supported by the Jewish Agencies, Gayle is proud and grateful to be involved in an organization that is integral to our Jewish community. When not volunteering, Gayle can be found hanging out with her husband, children, and grandchildren.

For more information on how to get involved, please contact Sari Disenhouse at
sdisenhouse@ujafed.org or 416-631-5851.