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UJA's Jewish Service connects high school graduates (17-22 years old) to a variety of impactful 10-month-long programs in Israel. These programs offer a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to live, volunteer, learn, and grow in Israel through meaningful volunteer placements. Students will gain practical experience—which can provide a critical advantage when applying to competitive university programs—while volunteering side by side with Israelis of the same age and making a real contribution to the country. Programs offered through the Jewish Service initiative have been recognized by UJA as meeting specific criteria to ensure the safety, security, and logistical needs of all participants. Our mission is to:

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Give young Jews the opportunity to strengthen their Jewish identity and their connection to Israel through a year of service, where they can learn, grow, and give back.

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Create a meaningful relationship between Israel and the Diaspora where all Jews embrace and work toward a shared responsibility to our collective future.

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To cultivate an active, engaged network of alumni to be strong community leaders and committed to the wellbeing of the Jewish people in Canada, Israel, and around the world.

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Fight Antisemitism and to equip Jewish youth around the world with a big picture understanding of antisemitism and empower them to stand up against hate wherever they go.

Fall 2023 registration is now open

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Our Programs

Our Programs

Reverse ShinShinim

A unique opportunity available to select Toronto participants to be Shinshinim in Eilat. A special and meaningful experience in Israel, to get to know Israel in depth, volunteer, and contribute to communities in need. During this Year of Service, you will be enriched in authentic Israeli society, create a connection to heritage and culture, combined with volunteering and personal empowerment.

Duration: 10 Months

Location: Eilat

Cost: $1,500 CAD (Deposit + flight)

Arevim Masa Year of Service

Arevim enables young Jewish adults (18-21 years old) to enlist in a long-term volunteer program, strengthening their connection to Israel, reflecting on their Jewish identity, and living independently in Tel Aviv. Spend 10 months in Israel while gaining valuable volunteer experience and most importantly, MAKE AN IMPACT! Participants will be able to choose their volunteering placement within the areas of health, education, and welfare.

Duration: 10 Months

Location: Tel Aviv

Cost: $13,000 USD


We make it easy. Grants are available to help you get the experience you want in more affordable ways.

Masa Scholarships

Masa Israel works to make it as easy as possible for Jewish young adults to come to Israel. They offer grants and/or scholarships to help make the experience more affordable. They also collect information about other grants and scholarships for long-term Israel programs from third party organizations. Masa provides every eligible participant with a grant towards participating in a program in Israel. Grant amounts are determined by factors such as age, home country, and length of program. In addition, need-based scholarships are available.

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Ezer Mizion Scholarships

Ezer Mizion partners with individuals who are serious about participating in educational programs in Israel and helps them raise the funds needed to attend their chosen program. Their fundraising efforts will not only benefit students by assisting them in getting to Israel, but will also fill Ezer Mizion’s scholarship fund, which will then be disbursed to other students in need of a scholarship. The remaining funds from the scholarship pool will be put towards the processing of DNA testing to grow Ezer Mizion’s Bone Marrow Registry, helping save lives around the world.

UJA Scholarships

UJA Federation of Greater Toronto provides many financial subsidies and scholarships for Year of Service programs. High school and university students can find scholarships suited for them through synagogues, academic programs, and professional development opportunities.

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Refer a Friend

and earn $100 towards you scholarship

UJA’s Jewish Service strives to make our wide variety of Israel experiences affordable for all. We are now offering an exciting opportunity for participants to earn their own scholarships by referring other students to one of our Jewish Service programs and earn cash towards a scholarship for the program of your choice. For every participant you refer, you will earn $100 towards your scholarship in one of the following Jewish Service Programs:

United Jewish Appeal of Greater Toronto (“UJA”) Jewish Service Referral Program - Terms and Conditions

The Jewish Service Referral Program allows eligible individuals to earn referral credit toward their own Jewish service program by referring friends to UJA, subject to the following terms and conditions.

Prospective & Eligible Participants

Eligible Participants

Eligible participants are who refer a Prospective Participant (as defined below) to UJA in connection with any UJA affiliated Jewish Service Programs. Additional eligibility criteria are:

1. Current or future participant in certain Jewish Service Programs, as set out in Section C below, by September 2021.

2. At the time of the commencement of his/her participation with the Jewish Service Program, he/she must be 18-20 years, and have a matriculation certificate, or equivalent.

3. At the time of the referral, it must be a current Grade 12 student or high-school graduate.

Prospective Participants

Eligible Prospective Participants (“Prospective Participants”) are:

4. At the time of the commencement of his/her participation with the Jewish Service Program, he/she must be 18-20, and have a matriculation certificate, or equivalent.

5. Must commence participation in the Jewish Service Program by September 1st, 2021.

6. At the time of the referral to UJA, it must be a current Grade 12 student or high-school graduate.

7. Has not previously been in touch with UJA in connection with the Jewish Service Program.

Making Referrals & Earning Credit

Making Referrals

  • You must use the official version of the Student Referral Form. A paper copy is available upon request.
  • Forms must be completed fully and legibly.
  • Maximum of one referral per form.
  • Eligible and Prospective Participants must qualify under the terms and conditions.
  • Referrals must be approved by a Jewish Service Associate

Earning Credit

You will earn Credit as set out in this Section E. Credit at the value of $100 for each Prospective Participant who enrolls in and commences the Jewish Service Program by September 1st, 2021.

Credit amount will be offset from the cost of the participant’s own Jewish Service Program (limited only to those programs specified in Section C) and will not be paid directly to the participant.

Credit is valid for programs commencing no later than September 1st, 2021.

Credit has no cash value. Credit cannot be redeemed for cash. All dollar amounts referred to herein are in Canadian Dollars.

The value of the Credit may change due to currency fluctuation, cost of currency exchange and cost of money transfers. UJA will transfer to the respective Jewish Service Provider the Credit amount, or US Dollars or NIS at the value of the total amount of the Credit. UJA will not be required to compensate any participant due to changes in currency rate and premium costs, or due to cost of currency exchange, or cost of money transfers. UJA’s sole obligation will be to transfer the respective total amount of Credit, or its equivalent in US Dollars or NIS, to the respective Jewish Service Provider.

Credit and discounts are not transferable and can be redeemed only by the participant to whom they were granted.

Termination and Change

UJA may suspend or terminate the Referral Program or any participant’s ability to participate in the program at any time for any reason. UJA reserves the right to suspend participation in the program if UJA notices any activity that we believe is abusive or fraudulent.

Updates to the Terms

UJA reserves the right to update these terms at any time without prior notice. If UJA modifies these terms, UJA will post the modification on any UJA communication materials, sites or social media pages that directly refer to the program and the changes/updates are effective upon posting. Continued participation in program after any modification(s) shall constitute consent to such modification(s).


If any provision in these terms is held to be invalid, void, or unenforceable, such provision (or the part of it that is making it invalid, void, or unenforceable) will be struck and not affect the validity of and enforceability of the remaining provisions.


Participation at the Jewish Service Program is at participant’s own risk.

Fall 2023 registration is now open


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"Doing this gap year program was the best decision I ever made. I created bonds to last a lifetime and made memories that I will recall for years to come."

Dylan Snider, Canada

Arevim Masa Year of Service

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"This year has been such an incredible experience. Having a small group on the program might have been the best part."

Abby, Canada

Arevim Masa Year of Service

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"I had the most amazing time this past year in the Arevim Masa Year of Service. I loved the independence, being able to live on my own and have my own job."

Lauren Shoub, Canada

Arevim Masa Year of Service

To read more testimonials click here.


Jewish Service programs offer young adults between the ages of 17–22 a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to live, volunteer, learn, and grow in Israel through meaningful volunteer placements.

How long are the programs?

The programs last around 10 months—usually from September until June.

What are the programs?

You can find the list of programs here.

What are the benefits of doing a Year of Service program between high school and university?

Taking a year between high school and university can benefit you in many ways! Year of Service participants will gain valuable resume-building experience from their volunteer posts and can even receive university credits. Program opportunities are engaging and relevant, at state-of-the-art facilities, such as Tel Aviv’s Ichilov Hospital or King Solomon International School. Participants will study and volunteer next to Israelis of similar age and alongside peers from around the world, creating lifelong bonds and friendships. It’s a chance to spend months exploring this fascinating and vibrant country. Whatever your interests—be it arts and culture, technology, nature, history, politics, or even food—Israel is an extraordinary place to learn and explore.

Read about the benefits of a Year of Service here:

Is Ulpan (a course to learn Hebrew) included?

There is a 6-week ulpan included, with the option to continue at additional cost.

What are the costs?

Costs vary for individual programs. Please note that flights are not included in the price. The Year of Service program can cost between $5,000-$7,000 USD after scholarships, while other traditional gap year programs vary and can cost up to $25,000.00 USD. There are subsidy and scholarship options available, which can be found here.

What is included in the costs?

All programs include the 10-month-long program itself, accommodations, most meals, tours, seminars, ulpan, and bus passes. Flights are additional for all programs.

Are there scholarships available?

Yes. Scholarships and subsidies are available through various organizations, such as Masa or Ezer Mizion. If your child attends a private school, scholarships are available through school as well. For more information click here.

How much additional money is needed?

It is recommended that your child come prepared with spending money for small meals, excursions on their days off, and anything extracurricular they may want to do. Please reach out to your program provider to inquire about the recommended amount.

Will the participants get a certificate or some type of accreditation?

Yes. All participants will be provided with a certificate from the Government of Israel recognizing their Year of Service, as well as a certificate from their program provider.

Can students apply for university, get accepted, then defer a year while they do a Year of Service program?

Yes. Students should be encouraged to contact the admissions department at their university, as all universities have a different policy. Most schools encourage students to take programs like Year of Service.

Can participants go on a year of service with their friends?

Yes! Please inquire about discounts for groups. We can also arrange for you to room with your friends.

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