One-on-One: A Mentorship Initiative

UJA Genesis is proud to present One-on-One: A Mentorship Initiative. This program is designed to provide interested community members with insights and clarity from experienced leaders.

This mentorship program will connect industry leaders (the “Mentors”) affiliated with UJA and our broader community with post-graduate students or professionals (the “Mentees”) in the early stages of their careers. Mentorship is available in areas such as:
  • // Career enhancement
  • // Community involvement
  • // Jewish growth and development
  • // Navigating philanthropy
  • // Parenthood
  • // Work/life balance
  • // Other life experiences

Please reach out if there is a specific area in which you are seeking the support of a mentor. The program will provide Mentees with the opportunity to learn from their Mentor(s) while networking with fellow Mentees, peers, and future colleagues.

  • // At least four one-on-one meetings
  • // Advice on career development, personal interests, family life, and/or community engagement
  • // Open communication and timely responses between Mentors and Mentees
  • // 1-2 professional development webinars
  • // 1-2 in-person cohort social gatherings

For more information, please contact Jodi at