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Women's Campaign & Advocacy installs new executive

Linda Frum is the new chair of UJA Federation's Women's Campaign & Advocacy, following her recent installation at the Lipa Green Building.
Outgoing chair Fran Sonshine passed the torch to Frum, and to Judith Finer-Freedman, the new vice chair, following an impressive year in which $7 million was raised, and 60 new Lions of Judah came aboard. The Lion of Judah distinction is given to women who make annual contributions of at least $5,000 to the UJA Federation annual campaign.
After praising Sonshine and her outgoing board, Frum - who accompanied Honey Sherman and Warren Kimel, chairs of UJA Federation Campaign 2006, on a fact-finding mission to Israel in February - addressed the key elements of the upcoming campaign.
 “Mercifully, the terror campaign against Israel has cooled,” said Frum. “And, while it is funny to think of it this way, it gives us back the luxury of focusing our attention on young people at risk, and the economically disadvantaged, both in Israel and in our own backyard.  It also allows us to help the waves of impoverished immigrants arriving in Israel, whose needs, by necessity, have been shunted aside these past calamitous years.”
“What I learned this year was that the importance of Women's Campaign should not be taken lightly,” said Sonshine. “Together, we have all helped to support important programs here and in Israel, and to ensure that the Jewish world remains strong and united.”
“With the help of all the fabulous women in this room, we are going to make 2006 a proud year in the history of UJA Federation, as we bring comfort and aid to vulnerable Jewish people at home and in Israel,” added Frum.
The installation, emceed by Barbara Bregman, also featured a moving address by guest speaker Rabbi Yael Splansky, the associate rabbi at Holy Blossom Temple.
Members of the UJA Federation Women's Campaign & Advocacy 2006 Executive are:

Executive Chairs - Tobie Bekhor and Kitty Grossman, Atarah; Linda Waks and Liora Yakubowicz, Lion of Judah; Fran Sonshine, Lion of Judah Endowment; Anita Robins and Laurie Sheff, Pacesetter; Karen Greenglass and Marley Greenglass, Telethon; Maura Cooperberg and Ellen Novack, Advocacy; Susan Maldoff, Board Development; Edie Harlang, Outreach & Engagement.
At Large - Lesley Binstock Offman, Barbara Bregman, Karen Morton, Sarah Perlis, Hinda Silber, Dodi Weill. Renee Gozlan and Honey Rubenstein, Sapphire Event; Maxine Granovsky-Gluskin and Shanitha Kachan, Atarah Breakfast; Andrea Cohen, Lisa Draper and Sandra Waldman, Lion of Judah Event; Judy Gwartz, Past Chairs Representative.